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Who we are / Profile and Activities

Geoplant SA company with distinctive title "Special Agricultural Applications", is active in the primary and secondary sector, providing products and services that are compatible with the current requirements of business customers, consumers and the law .

The company in its current form was created by converting the OE Special Agricultural  Applications Ακρόαση
located in the prefecture of Ilia Varda.

This is a Greek company, founded in 1988 and its first activity was to provide technical advice to farmers in the region. Then in 1989 it entered the marketing of agrochemicals and in same year  created its  first small nursery,  the  first in Greece for the production of grafted watermelon plants
In 1996 Geoplant AEEGE created the first privately owned facility on a plot of 17,000 sq.m building offices, storage areas and a first section of the new modern nursery.

Today the nursery is a separate company (Georion Ltd) and has an area of 8000 square meters with the best equipment appropriate to the best  nurseries of this kind (sowing machines,  pretreatment booths, irrigation and fertilization systems, control of environmental conditions by a computer, etc.).

Meanwhile  a new section to the company was created for the marketing of fresh products, many of  which were produced by  its customers. This activity concerned the export mainly  of watermelons and potatoes, while growing inwards and supplying chains Super Markets

In 1999, the Company became  SA with its current title. In 2002 a big  investment  was completed that involved the construction of the packing department and cooler, precooler and an  office area of 3000 square meters. The investment exceeded 2 million Euros.

The company's main activity is the disposal  of packed vegetables and fruits, as well as their distribution to the Greek Market and  abroad (mainly to big  Super Market chains).

Another important activity is the production of propagative material (Georion nursery) and mainly grafted vegetables and their disposal mostly to farmer associates.

An additional activity of the company is searching for new varieties (Section RND Georion), where specialized staff dedicated to Field Trials in order to search for products with unique quality characteristics  that will ultimately define the future of agricultural products in our region and will set new standard in perceived quality.

Meanwhile, the company's  Department of Geotechnical Support, directs producers to address the problems of plant protection and nutrition of their crops,  improving in this way the quality of production with respect to the sensitive agri-environmental profile of the region. The main axis of the Department of Geotechnical Support, is the development of safe products for our customers, always following the highest standards of foreign and modern quality management systems in the primary sector (GlobalGAP IFA, BIO, AGRO2 etc.).
Φωνητική ανάγνωση

Therefore for  the agricultural products marketed by Geoplant,  we know all their history, starting from the plant and the location of production, then the plant's need for protection and nutrition, and finally harvesting, packaging and standardization. All the abovementioned are linked to an innovative system of traceability (FoodCare Agro Advanced Factory), where TraceIT Technology provides both our business customers and consumers with the ability to have access to production figures of our product.

Geoplant AEEGE, has certified manufacturing processes in accordance with all quality management systems and food safety, such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, IFS ver 5 and BRC ver 5.

The company is bounded by:

1) Lainas Panagiotis, Chairman
2) Papanikolopoulos Theophanis, Vice President
3) Diasakos Ioannis, CEO
Who we are / Profile and Activities