Geoplant ΑΕΕΓΕ

Geoplant Traceability System (TraceIT)

What is Traceability? Traceability  is the ability to monitor (track) and trace of a product during production and trafficking. Traceability gives us the ability to have readily available information related to the product. Thus, in case something is not acceptable in the product (eg a risk to consumer safety, such as pesticide residues or foreign matter), gives the the ability to the company to identify the source of the problem, fix it, while it can detect other products in the same batch that may have to be withdrawn. At the same time enables better pricing of the product, owing to the fact that all parameters associated with the product are accurately measured.

Geoplant AEEGE, implements  an electronic traceability system, using MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Agro Advanced 4.x software by the FoodCare AgroData company. The parameters associated with the product are collected by the software as the  following:
Traceability System
Lot Number
of Seed
Pre-seedling Chambers
Plant Protection Applications
Nutritional Applications
Loading / Sending Manager
Field Site Coordinates and Historical Data
Geotechnical visits and advices
Data of Analysis of Soil Moisture
Water Quality Samples and Analysis
Nutritional Applications
Evaluation of Propagation Material
Harvest file and Harvest Personnel Data
Internal Inspection Data
(GlobalGAP etc)
Transplanting Data
Soil and Leaf Analysis Samples and Results
Cultivation and Field Operations
Plant Protection Applications
Field Quality Checks
File of Pesticide Residue Analysis
Agro Advanced
Grower's Training Program
Energy Consumption and CO2 Emmisions
Field Site, Date and Quantity Reciept
Location of storage and conditions
Packing Materials Receipt and Data
Machinery and Equipment Management
Water Quality Samples and Analysis
Transportation Vehicle Archives
Customers and customer's sutisfaction
Reciept Quality Checks and measures
Internal Production Data
GHP & GMP Data
Final Quality Control and Batch Releases
Suppliers and evaluation
Energy Consumption and CO2 Emmisions
Evaluation of Suppliers / activity - product
Indoors / Outdoors Quantitative Alterations
Indoors / Outdoors Qualitative Alterations
Historical Data of Product Recalls
Historical Data of Product Destruction
Historical Data of Products promoted for animal Feed

Nursery Data Field Site Data Packing House Data Suppliers Evaluation

Data from Field up to Transportation, can be combined to one and only Lot Number

With  Agro Advanced software, we are given the opportunity to link all the above mentioned data with the final batch number of the product. Thus, in one Lot Number (ie 0012323), we can look at data concerning packaging, materials, employees, suppliers, the plot and field site information. In addition, there is an XML exporting feature which enables us to crosscheck information between packing house (geoplant) and the nursery (georion). The traceability system applied by Geoplant, supports all types of BarCode, such as UCC / EAN 128 / EAN 13 / EAN 8 and modern technology RfiDs.

The same system enables data to be exported to any Server, either the clients or the suppliers, forming that way a dynamic informational system. This feature gives the opportunity to our customers to create their own queries that interest them (B2B Functionality). Consumers also, by typing only a Lot Number on the package directly to our web site, are able to identify all the growing parameters of the product purchased (system TraceIT - B2C).

Furthermore, if the client wants us to follow his own Traceability Coding, then it is very easy just by adding a Custom Lot Numbers to the specific products, without creating any problem with our internal traceability system. In a few words infinite Traceability subsystems can be set up under the existing system, providing greater flexibility in meeting the needs of our customers.


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