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Field Production System (GEORION)

The production system of Georion plans, organizes, manages and controls all aspects of agricultural production, which determine the quality and safety of the final product. This system is practiced by agronomists, using modern equipment and methods. This system includes also the implementation of the management of primary production, such as GlobalGAP, the National Agro 2 quality system and TNC. Since 2009 the system has also the ability to produce organic products
Georion Production System

1. Choosing the appropriate Field Site
The soil  in agricultural production, has so much value like the "matrix" for the unborn baby. Αpplying risk analysis before selecting the plots, so the chosen field, be free from heavy metals and potential chemical (mainly old organochlorine pesticides which are known  not to decompose easily), is very important. The same way, we protect the environment and its biodiversity , leaving in  the plot uncultivated zones. The sampling and soil testing is a standard procedure that will later determine the crop nutrition program.
2. Choosing the appropriate Field Variety
Varieties of fruits and vegetables are not the same. There are several that make the difference in quality and set new Standards. The Georion RnD Department, among hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables (raw Materials), has selected the best that have special characteristics such as scent , flavour, colour, post-harvest durability, etc. In addition, the Geoplant company  gives the ability to  its business customers, "made on order"  production, installing  propagative material selected by the customer.
3.Production of Plant Propagation Material (Nursery)
Given the fact that the choice of field and variety has been made, then the sowing begins in the nurseries of Georion Ltd.In the nursery specialized personnel monitors the development of the plants, from sowing to their delivery to the producers. It has also been  installed and operates specialized software (MIS), which records all details of production / stage, starting from the seed's  Lot Number, positions and conditions in the nursery, to  the plant protection and nutrition interventions, creating thereby a reliable system of "Nursery" Traceability.
4.Transplanting in the Field
The plants have now been prepared by the nursery of  Georion company, then they take the path to their permanent residence, i.e. the field / parcel. The producer receives the plants with the help of manpower or equipment to install them, meaning planting them in his field. Before transplanting, the soil has been prepared , and all the essential nutrients which need to be supplemented on the ground have been accuretaly calculated, so as first to have quality product, and second to protect the nutrients already available in the field. In this way agricultural production is not "predatory" in nature, but respects nature
5.Continuous monitoring, observation and documentation
In the fields, 6 specialized agricultural engineers  monitor the evolution of cultivations. At the same time all principles of modern standards of production and agro-environmental management are applied (GlobalGAP, AGRO). The information concerning the plant protection and nutrition parameters, visits and findings, analysis of residues, etc., are recorded in the software (MIS) Agro Advanced. At the same time Georion's agricultural engineers  are at the forefront, establishing for the first time in Greece a continuous measurement system of nutrients in soil solution. Thus are able to determine the requirements of the crop nutrient, in real time
6. Quality Measurements and adjustments
In Georion's production system, all products undergo quality control and measurements before it comes time to harvest. Thus we are able to adjust production parameters to achieve quality goals we set from the start of the production, which of course are no other than the standards set by our customers. Additionally, because the sensory quality is not by  itself sufficient, checks in products are made, such as chemical (for pesticides) and microbiological, and each September the quality of water, which a sensitive product is irrigated.
6. Harvest
If the product is nearing  the maturity we desire, the producer is now able to collect it. Earlier in the past we had foreseen to conduct a risk analysis for the parameters that can contaminate the product during the harvest, such as transport and packaging materials, cutting instruments, proper hygiene of workers harvesting (where they exist), etc. In this way we ensure that the product  which is so hard for the associate producer to produce,  will not be distorted at the last stage , further ensuring the quality, freshness and safety.
8. Direct Transportation to the Customer or to the Geoplant's Packing House
After harvesting, the product is transferred either to the packing department of Geoplant for further processing and packaging, or directly at points of receipt of our customers. This depends on the degree of vulnerability of the agricultural product and the possibility of post-harvest operations that should take place. For this reason  Geoplant has installed local storage facilities and processing of agricultural products, to adapt the packaging process and standards, depending on the vulnerability of the product and the desired speed of execution of the order. At the same time,great attention is given on a particular basis of transport modes helthy, thereby protecting the product.
Georion Production System