Geoplant ΑΕΕΓΕ

Geoplant Production System

Through Geoplant Production system, our executives plan, organize, manage and control all aspects of the operation of packing in all phases of packaging processes. This whole effort made in the field (Georion production system) is sure that will  be continued in the packing with the same care and diligence.
Geoplant Production System
Geoplant Production System
1  Product receipt and the first quality control.
Right after harvesting the product is delivered to the packing's reception area where the first macroscopic control is  made in order to see whether the product meets the required quality standards .or not. This control phase (Control Point), is extremely important for the effectiveness of the company, as problematic / non-quality product causes serious problems, due to the increased cost of screening / treatment, and management of waste (waste management)
2.Storage of products in cooling  or preservation.
hen the products, if not packaged directly they are led to the pre-cooling and cooling chambers of the  packing department. At this stage, and at every batch all cooling parameters such as temperature and relative humidity  are recorded. At the same time controlled atmosphere conditions are created , where special devices canalize ozone into the cooling booths. With ozone we succeed in halting fungal growth on the agricultural products, in an absolutely safe and organic way, owing to the fact that ozone (O3) is produced by water. Furthermore, halting fungal growth (like the genus Aspergilus) help  to ensure  that the product does not develop aflatoxins by fungi such as eg patulin which causes liver cancer. Consumer's safety is the most important value, while today, with low cost modern technology, this value is fully guaranteed.
3.Selection and packaging
After cooling or pre-cooling  the product led to sorting and packaging. The purpose of this phase is to ensure production quality standards set by our customers, identifying problematic products and materials. Meanwhile, through packaging we achieve the optimum picture of the final product.The packaging materials which are used  are in accordance with European Directive EU 1935/2004, thus avoiding the serious risk of migration of harmful substances in food. Simultaneously, the sorting machines can be certified for use in the food industry, followed by strict sanitation program, maintenance and control.
4. Temporary storage in controlled conditions.
Is a Wait State phase. Essentially it is a temprary storage of most packaged products to complete the stream screening process of the batch. Each palette is complemented by sorting, placed in a refrigerated storage of final products and maintained for a few hours until  the required quantity is gathered. And at this stage as in Phase 2, an important role in the Self Life of the product is played by storage conditions, which are monitored and recorded by electronic means.
5. Validation of Τraceability.
Traceability is a process that enables us to identify forward (clients) and backwards (suppliers) and inwards (packing) all production elements that make up the final product. Basically this is not a separate phase, but - as a process - it has been implemented from the first phase, the delivery. But at this stage, immediately after the sorting process , the electronic Traceability System Agro Advanced and in particular Module Factory, activates the electronic validation process called TraceIT. The TraceIT Uploads at the company's website (Linux Server 3 TB)  all the details of the batch, so by just giving the Lot Number of the product to enable the consumer to identify the producer, the location of production, packing date and many other parameters. Click here for more..
6.6. Quality Management Control
Quality control is mainly done in the process of sorting and packing. However, the sensitive products that may be stored packed for more than a day, their quantitative and qualitative review is performed before their release. The parameters of quality control and equipment used vary according to the product. The audit results are recorded electronically, so they are easily retrievable, while used to evaluate the process of sorting and packaging, conditions and duration of maintenance, updating, when necessary, the product of the Self Life.
7. Loading and Product Distribution
Finally, if the product has passed all stages of control, loaded or own refrigerated trucks or vans freelance and shipped to customers. The transfer of the product is registered, that every consignment is recorded as the car's transmission and transport conditions, with automatic temperature recorders installed in them.