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Suppliers Evaluation System

The evaluation of suppliers is one of the most important parameters determining the performance of the company, mainly on the quality of the final product and form in a significant extent the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

Geoplant suppliers , whether agricultural producers, or suppliers of packaging materials, deliver raw materials to  the company that should meet quality and safety standards. Since these products will be the composition of the final order.

For this reason, the requirements of our customers are  first transferred  to our suppliers and we examine both the documentation and commitment to meet the specifications and the combination of many other parameters to evaluate numerically the supplier.

Both the evaluation criteria and the results of audits conducted by the company to the suppliers,  are recorded to Agro Advanced software which extracts the final results in a dynamic way.

The evaluation of suppliers includes the following phases:

1) Documentation of the implementation of quality systems (GlobalGAP IFA and Organic Agriculture for agricultural producers, the ISO standards for merchants).

2) Quality Control το received products for both agricultural producers and material traders .

3) Quantity of wastage in the sorting  process. It applies to agricultural producers. It is an important financial benchmark for producers, because the problematic products require higher work intensity for sorting, thus increasing significantly the cost of running the business.

4) Connection between  the traceability system and  the evaluation of suppliers. Any customer complaint or recommendation related to a specific production batch can be connected to the raw materials of the product used in production. So we can identify both the producer and the land, or even a packaging problem that caused problems.

All the above mentioned make  the evaluation system of suppliers, a dynamic process directly related to the traceability system implemented by Geoplant. 
Traceability Parameters that are related to the Suppliers Evaluation System
Evaluation of Suppliers / activity - product
Indoors / Outdoors Quantitative Alterations
Indoors / Outdoors Qualitative Alterations
Historical Data of Product Recalls
Historical Data of Product Destruction
Historical Data of Products promoted for animal Feed
Suppliers Evaluation System