Geoplant ΑΕΕΓΕ

Products Origin - Non GMO Statement

The products that are packed and sold by Geoplant AEEGE, are produced in Western  Greece, following a mix of traditional and modern cultivating methods, based in 4 principles:

1) Perceived quality for the best price.
2) Non-negotiable safety of food produced.
3) Production processes that are environmentally friendly.
4) Work environment that protects the worker.

In particular, Geoplant products:

=> Are  derived solely from the Greek land, especially from the region of Western Greece.
=> Are documented not genetically engineered (Non GMO Statement).
=> Have met the strictest standards for production safety, with particular emphasis on managing risks that mainly come from both the field and the packaging, such as chemical and microbiological,
=> Produced in areas that is legally allowed  to produce agricultural products with respect to the sensitive agri-environment scheme of the area.
=>The crop production practices are continually  to adjusting to achieve the maximum possible reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
=>Τhey are analysed by schedule for the detection of residues of plant protection products
?Throughout the production chain, have been implemented and certified to internationally recognized standards of production and quality management and food safety
Product's Origin
Non GMO Statement