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In Geoplant we  believe that the traditional model of marketing that is confined only to "hire-purchases"  of fruit and vegetables  does not reflect the current demands of food chain. This is because agricultural products are mainly food, often fragile, and there are risks, either chemicals (pesticides) or microbiological.

For this reason,  Geoplant SA  is involved in all processes of the production, using two different stream models.  The first one  focuses (Georion) on the design and monitoring the production of agricultural products "on the field", called the Georion production process. The second one system, the Geoplant system focuses on the parameters involved in the packaging / standardization of the  product.

In this way the information we have for the goods  that we market, starts from the field and reaches the door of the retailer (eg Super Markets). That's why Geoplant  is one of the few companies in this sector can offer a safety guarantee for products marketed by us.
The combination of these two production systems, one for the field (Georion) and the second for the Packing (Geoplant), provide greater certainty in the final product, as are designed, recorded and controlled all aspects of production.
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