Geoplant ΑΕΕΓΕ

Food Quality and Safety Policy

Geoplant's AEEGE policy is to  respond to the customers needs, producing products that fully meet the requirements of modern consumer and legislation.

The major operational axis of Geoplant AEEGE is the quality as perceived by the customer and recorded by the annual survey of customers. To confirm the company's customer-centric approach, the proper planning of procedures and operating principles is a prerequisite.

In this context, the Administration recognizes the need to install and operate an Integrated Management System that is fully in line with the requirements of modern quality systems and food safety, where identified, assessed and controlled risks to ensure the Health and Safety of products in compliance with the recommendations of the FAO / WHO Codex Alimentarius.

The system applies to all products that the company manages  in its premises and includes from  raw materials to final distribution. This system is constantly being improved (continuous improvement) in order to always meet  the ever-increasing customer expectations and market requirements and legislation.

Under this policy, Geoplant AEEGE monitors the customer's needs, developments in food market and is  in harmony with the laws and regulations in order to be able to provide products and services to ensure the satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of customers.

For this reason, oyr company has set S.M.A.R.T. objectives, involving all parts of the company on an annual basis which include:

·Improving the level of customer satisfaction
·Minimize  Claims index
·Minimize non-compliant products to customer requirements and legislation in less than 3% annually.
·Improving the equity of the company, mainly through the increase in turnover.

The company's management is commited to provide all the necessary resources for implementation and effective operation of the Quality Management System and Food Safety, to focus on customer needs, while respecting the environment and health, prosperity and security of staff .
Policy of quality and food safety