Geoplant ΑΕΕΓΕ

Environmental Policy

Geoplant AEEGE company, by the Board, its members and all partner producers is committed to compliance with the National and International models of administration and management of agricultural production and agro-environmental conservation of the ecosystem, through events and activities that:

- First of all observe all laws and regulations on Agriculture and on Food Safety,such  as the maximum permitted residue levels of agricultural chemicals, the Code of Good Practice and Growing Conditions and  Cross Compliance criteria.

- Minimize negative environmental impacts of farming and protecting nature and wildlife through the establishment and monitoring of specific objectives and quantified targets

- Set a limit as possible to inputs, such as agricultural chemicals, giving priority to integrated methods to deal with pests and diseases in agricultural production.

- Increase the efficiency of natural resources.

- Ensure a responsible approach to health and safety of workers as well as a continuous improvement of products and services.

Main concern of the company is the continuous improvement of the production processes and management of agricultural products through improved technicks that adapt to the complexity of production processes, while respecting the culture of consumer health, environment and sustainability.
Environmental Policy