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Message to Customers

We appeal to all consumers who choose our products to meet their basic and inviolable principles of our operating procedures.

Our company considers as its  principle the absolute respect to product safety. For this purpose the entire production process, from the field, up to placing them on the shelf is scientifically designed and every action is recorded and available at any time through traceability. The ultimate goal is not only the absolute compliance with national and international law but in practice the exemption of the product from any pesticide residue. In order to ensure the quality characteristics of a large proportion of the products we offer, we  produce them by ourselves. For our partner producers. a group of more than eight experienced agronomists are always there to offer them all the necessary expertise.

We always choose the best products on the basis of organoleptic (taste, smell) and genetic characteristics. For this reason we we can proudly say that we  have a significant presence in foreign markets.

Continuing objective is to offer the best products at the best price for the consumer.

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